Preparing and Retrieving Jobs

With a job opened, select 'HPC' at the main menu then click 'Prepare Job'. Selecting this option allows the information such as client and inspection site to be transferred to the handheld device. Note: before using the PDA you must transfer Job # 99 (or Job # 100 for Texas Version) to the handheld. After the successful transfer of the sample job you may then start a new job and transfer it to the handheld.

Selecting 'Retrieve Job' while no jobs are opened allows the inspection information from the handheld device to be transferred to the PC.

Note: You can only transfer one job at a time from the PC to the handheld. However if you start a new job out in the field on the handheld device with a job previously transferred from the PC, both jobs will be transferred to the PC when 'Retrieve Job' is selected. The job started in the field will be assigned the next job number on the PC.