Installation Instructions

Insert the Nspector disk into your CD-ROM; the installation will start automatically. (If it does not start automatically, go to 'My Computer', open your CD-ROM drive, and click 'Nspector.msi'). Follow the instructions on the screen. When the options dialog box appears, select the options you want installed. If during the installation a screen opens asking you to choose between replacing your existing files with newer files, it is recommended that you select yes to all. When the installation is completed a desktop icon, for Nspector will be created.



If you selected the handheld program files option, a screen will appear when the desktop setup program is completed. Follow the on screen instructions. When finished start Nspector and select 'Jobs', open job # 99 then select 'HPC' and click 'Prepare Job'. Note: before using the PDA you must transfer Job # 99 to the handheld. After the successful transfer of the sample job you may then start a new job and transfer it to the handheld.

Note: The handheld device must be on and synchronized to the PC with no job opened on the PC when retrieving job(s) from the handheld device. Never use the x in the upper right corner of the PDA to close the program, select 'Menu' then click 'Quit'.

Note: When opening Nspector on the PDA for the first time you get a message, (There is no application associated with "Nspector". Run the application first, then open this file from within the application), do the following. Synchronize PDA to PC click 'Tools' at top of ActiveSync menu, 'Options', check the 'Files' box if not already checked, then 'OK'. The folder 'PocketPC My Documents' will be created in 'My Documents' on your PC if the default PDA name is 'Pocket_PC'. Place the Nspector installation disk in your CD drive and click 'VB Runtime'. Next on your PDA click 'Start', 'Programs', 'File Explorer' then 'My Documents'. Click the 'msvbppc.arm' file, Nspector should open after file download. If your PDA name is not 'Pocket _PC' you will need to copy the 'msvbppc.arm' file from 'PocketPC My Documents' created in 'My Documents' on your PC and paste it in your renamed PDA file, e.g. (PocketPC 2), the name of your PDA.


Pocket PC's (PDA's) with Windows PPC 2000 or higher should work with our software.