Generate Report *

Click on 'Reports' at the main menu then "Report Options'. At the 'Summary' tab select the ratings that will appear in the report. Also select locations and/or complete condition text to be included in summary report. Note the font color of the ratings can can be selected when clicking on the black box next to the ratings. The 'Misc Options' tab contains options for cover page and wood boring insect form selections, also the choice for a narrative or Texas report type.


Note: You can choose between Nspector wood destroying form or the NMPA-33 form, however, the use of this form requires an electronic code for a yearly fee of $100.00 and a one time fee of $100.00 to Home Inspections, Inc. to use the form with Nspector


Then select 'Generate Report', click 'Full Report' to generate a report that contains the Title Page, Report, Summary, Wood Destroying Report, and Septic Dye, or select each report separately to generate. This will process the report by retrieving the text from the database and formatting it into the final narrative or checklist style report. When the report has finished generating it automatically loads into Microsoft Word. Make any changes desired to the final report, such as adding pictures or graphics, then save it in a separate folder e.g., My Documents/Reports.


* Not available in Texas version