Click on the button next to the white box to enter the Client, Seller, and Referral information such as name, address, city, etc...

BUYER: Enter the name, and all address information.

SELLER: Enter the name (optional) and all address information. This will usually be the site address.

REFERRAL: Enter the name and address of the referral.(optional)

Note: The information you enter will be saved and available as a choice for the next job. If you later add other names they will be saved, and available from the list box.

INSPECTION DATE: Enter the date of the scheduled inspection.

INSPECTION TIME: Enter the time for the scheduled inspection.

INSPECTOR: Select the name of the inspector.(optional) To add an inspector name to the list, simply type it in and move on to the next field. Nspector will ask if you wish to save the inspector's name, select 'Yes'.

STATUS: Select the status of the inspection. (i.e. Scheduled, Completed, Canceled)

PICTURE: (optional) Click on the picture box to include a picture of the house along with your inspection. This will bring up a dialog box to locate the picture file imported from a digital camera or scanner. Once found select open.

Note: Nspector will use this information for reports and for other areas of the program.