When Windows fails unexpectedly, for such reasons as power interruption, GPF or program fault, the database may be corrupted. If this occurs there are two ways to recover:

Nspector will automatically attempt to repair the database. In most cases this will be successful. If the attempted repair is unsuccessful, the only recourse is to restore the database from a backup copy, You should backup frequently. (Daily if you are entering several inspections per day.)

With no jobs open select 'Jobs' at the main menu then 'Backup/Restore Options'. Select 'Automatically Backup' and set your options. You can keep up to 10 backups. If a problem with the program is encountered, click 'Restore a Backup', highlight the backup you wish to restore then click 'Restore', Nspector will revert back to the database selected before you experienced the problem. Note: All jobs entered after the selected backup date will be lost, however, depending on the backup options selected very little information will need to be re-entered.